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This is my collection of "live" tapes and CD's.
It is mostly JETHRO TULL.
For other bands please see my "Other Bands" list.
I used to trade, but this page is mainly a database now. Unless you have a 'Passion Play' soundboard!!!!.

  • My Trading Guidelines(READ THESE-IMPORTANT! )

  • My Jethro Tull Tape and CD List
  • (Updated 22nd April 2008)

  • Led Zeppelin & Related Tape and CD List
  • (Updated 26th March 2008)

  • Genesis & Related Tape and CD List
  • (Updated 31st December 2007)

  • Other Bands Tape and CD List
  • (Updated 23rd February 2006)

  • A review of the Passion Play album - July 21st 1973

  • A review of the Passion Play concert - June 23rd 1973

  • Jethro Tull "RETIRE"

  • The Official Jethro Tull Web Site

  • Please E-mail me if you want any more information on any recordings. Nothing is for sale. :(Brillo)

  • This page is updated occasionally.

  • For a list of other traders try here:The Trade

  • Always Remember:"THERE'S ONLY ONE UM".

  • This Web Site © Brillo

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    owned by Brillo

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